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Mission and Vision

  • For manufacturing companies, Information Technology (IT) in Engineering and beyond represents a key strategical potential for success, requiring expertise from different technichal disciplines, computer science and business administration. It is this interface that defines the field of Virtual Product Engineering (VPE).
  • In order to meet future challenges in VPE, a coordinated exchange between know-how carriers and leading indstry and research managers is indispensable.
  • The VPE Network association pro-actively provides a plattform for this very purpose, driving exchange of knowledge and experience. 
  • Our mission is to connect key players in research and industry, facilitating competencies throughout various VPE topics.

Key Aims

  • Execution of industry/research projects (ideally sponsored by government/EU)
  • Investigate VPE topics and integrate results into PLM solutions and tomorrow's PLM education

The association solely pursues non-profit purposes:

  • Exchange between former Ph.D. students of the Institute for Virtual Product Engineering (VPE) of the University of Kaiserslautern
  • Facilitation of research and science by knowledge- and technology-transfer, as well as brokerage of student theses
  • Promotion and support for active Ph.D. students
  • Communication of findings resulting from association activities
  • Sensibilization of industry and research towards cutting edge VPE topics
What founders and members have in common are both long-term occupations in VPE and engagement in research activities, particularly but not restricted within the automotive and aerospace industries.