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Membership Groups

The association consists of the following groups:

  • Active members: any person with a successfully finished Ph.D. at the Institute for Virtual Product Engineering (VPE) at the University of Kaiserslautern can be an active member
  • Honorary members: honorary members are persons or legal entities that are appointed by the board of directors.
  • Supporting members: supporting members are persons or legal entities that wish to support the association's endeavors.



  • Organization of events, e.g. workshops and symposia, for exchange between former and active doctorates, students, companies, and various associations and authorities
  • Attendance of scientific and industrial events and conferences
  • Attendance and co-design of university courses, preparation of course documents
  • Publication of scientific articles and/or books
  • Brokerage of diploma-, master-, bachelor, and other theses
  • Brokerage of impulsive presentations in PLM departments and projects
  • Execution of projects (industry/association or institute with docs, students)

Mission and Vision

  • For manufacturing companies, Information Technology (IT) in Engineering and beyond represents a key strategical potential for success, requiring expertise from different technichal disciplines, computer science and business administration. It is this interface that defines the field of Virtual Product Engineering (VPE).
  • In order to meet future challenges in VPE, a coordinated exchange between know-how carriers and leading indstry and research managers is indispensable.

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